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Beverly Heights Golden Years Sports Programs.

We want to add exciting and interesting events from not only Beverly sports programs but also remembrances of YOUR experiences with your own sports experiences and the people you came to know. We want your personal recollections, stories and pictures if you would share with us.

This space is for memories and photos.

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Beverly was one of the fastest growing towns in Alberta during the 1950s, its population increasing from 2,938 in 1953 to 8,250 people in 1958. The Beverly Community League (1949), unable to engage these new families, suspended programs until 1958 when a new promotion urged families to, “Invest One Five Spot for 12 Months of Entertainment”. It was a success. In 1959, the community league with help from the Lions and Optimist Clubs built a rink in Floden Park, identical to the Beverly Jubilee Park Community Rink. Prior to 1959, skating and winter sports activities were held at the facility built at Beverly Jubilee Park (now Beacon Heights rink) or on the Mucha property at 48 Street and 116 Avenue.

* Records of 1950s community league activity were not available.

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Baseball and Softball


How many of these coaches and players can you recognize? When was this picture taken? Do you have memories and stories that go with these teams?

If so help us out by getting in touch with us here and we’ll add the appropriate information.