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iHiidi in these cases is pushed upward into the chest, compresses a

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distensible pessary, to raise the uterus towards the

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mention a discussion on " Vertical Writing," in Section

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rity to which it had been discarded by other branches of

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ate Asylum from its organization to September 1, 1866,

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which, however, was not reduced in size by catheteriza-

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administered daily — 2 grains dissolved in a large quantity of water

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The New York Register of Medicine and Pharmacy. Edited by C. D. Gris-

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exuded into the maternal blood-stream from the ovum.

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remained during life subject to fits of suffocation and hemoptysis under the

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3«< Symj)tom»f Nature^ etc of the Febricula or lAxtU Fever, London, 1746.

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and boisterous, to which the glee club, with its campaign

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better suited to control the circulation than Belladonna. Also

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cumbersome, it is not expensive. It contains the new words

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knowledge of the subject and considerable experience in teach-

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of Pott's disease, lateral curvature, spinal pressure, paral-

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carious olivary process of the sphenoid bone. Could this have been caused

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in jungle lands, overdriven slave gangs, and soldiers

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and sometimes from Pizzy ; that her mistress knew what they were

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palate shows a finely stippled punctiform rash. Febrile phenomena are

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longed with normal thrombin, prothrombin, and partial

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^Gmgfenital "Wry Neck — Some recent Modifications in