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stant low blood pressure, the scanty body hair, and

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epitrichium does not occur, and it becomes adherent to the stratum

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goes it is interesting to learn that in Boston, during the antitoxin

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they are the tissues of the part, swollen and congested, and will

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his own resources, had the assistance of others who have made

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If symptons of qualmishness are present, give a solution of

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Salt Solution. — -William Porter, in treating this subject,

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5. State the cause of the rigidity of the cervix in the

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of this disease to the head, which terminated fatally in four

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cent; in 1893, 30.4 per cent. This apparent reduction in fatality

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as Dr. Fox himself remarks, it is a view essentially different

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Napoli, 1897, viii, 288-290.— Poole (W.) An analysis of

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with splanchnoptosis should at once call our attention to the possibilit}^

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remains intact and the radius is fractured transversely at a point rarelv

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able that, of the whole number, not over 30 — one half — ^are doing

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of shock. In another series of experiments, the animals were bled till

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almost superfluous to say, cannot, without a violation of the principles of arrange-

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Sectio Cadaveris. — Twenty-seven hours after death.

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the symptoms of the two components. There are added, therefore,

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treated with creosote, guaiacol, camphoric acid, and

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inflammation which is apt to lead to a fatal result by exhaustion. Un-

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temperature may have been normal for several days; desquamation is well

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chairperson expressing one or more of the following

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slowly and then settles toward the bottom of the compartment.

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West Roosevelt said the records of cases of typhoid

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bolder measures were attaining success, and he thought that if one adopted a

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in institutions where several patients are endeavoring together to break