Albuterol Route Of Administration

ing up of chronic pneumonia and pleurisies, with the cessa-
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grow up into sexually mature adults. Next those forms were
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plication of the old legal maxim, Qai facit per alium facit
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or for the ordinary purjioses of life. In this the contractions weie car-
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convcited, and. furthermore, needs repairing, which will costabout£.0
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By Francis A. Stringer, of the Central Office, Royal
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warming, and complaints of chilly draughts have become
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Medical Association, Mr. Ernest Hart has," says the St. James's Ga:elte,
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its use will yet be widely extended, and trusts he mny him-
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the condition after death, where the arteries were empty and
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' resentment on the part of the unfortunate appendix at being
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Table IV. — Results of Di^fferent Climates Compared.
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Clegg. Richard. L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng., appointed Medical Officer
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never fails to appeal to all generous men, the Chancellor of
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seventh day, when she again passed blood to the extent of 15 ounces.,
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the disease. Out of the eight cases, after eliminating No. 6„
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fairest way of testing the protective power of sanitation would
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the town draws some of its water from the Huveaune — a little
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not mentioned in these by-laws, is still notifiable under the existing
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contributions, and to the chairman for presiding, concluded
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to the Editor of the British Medical Journal, at the Office,
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of gas. He examined the apparatus and found no gas in the bottle. The
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Sib,— In an editorial paragraph in the British Medical
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Andrew Clark, London ; Dr. C. Coppinger, Dublin ; Mr. E. K. Haines
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it must be a mitter of great satisfaction to those responsible
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aflected the respiratory centre before the heart, but, when
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breaks ; and Dr. Theodore Thomson has suggested as prob-
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upon these phenomena is as follows. The aura.^as Gowera
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payments go to a reserve fund. Where they go to form part
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strangulated hernia : Senn's plates were used ; the patient
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much stretched. In this eye there was also a coloboma of the iris.
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The University and extra-mural medical classes in Edin-
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right side, and crepitations above the left scapula. The sputum con-
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of research, it cannot go very deeply into the matter, and,
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which is sufficient to ensure it in the case of the merely
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" supped and sinned " before the outbreak of the French