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exudates, etc., and their pathologic and clinical significance, special attention being

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in rare instances, and also angiosarcoma, angioma, etc. The not very rare

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Watt, Lucille, sp, Auburn, Ala. S.B. (Judson C.) '18; S.M. '26.

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tics and Pharmacology, two courses of six months; Physiology, two

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is very soon a marked emaciation and a rapid loss of strength as a result of the

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more or less deafness, have been reported in one or two cases, but there is

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Medicine, Dissection and Operative Surgery, Hygiene ; Eye Infirmary

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In a typical and fully developed case the hemianesthesia does actually affect

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of obesity are due merely to the excessive amount of carbohydrates contained

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of the series of acetone bodies; diacetic acid (CH 3 COCH 2 COOH) and ace-

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body. By them the whole body or the affected part is put into violent motion,

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slumbering factors from the depths of consciousness, and to make them the

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saliva, perspiration, bile, gastric juice, and other secretions rarely furnish evi-

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two books of the Odea; Sallust, the Conspiracy of CatHine, or the

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from the urine if no carbohydrates whatever are allowed. If it does — that

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generous gift of $300,000 by Frederick H. Rawson, president of the Union Trust Com-

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enable him to pass Besponsiotis, and has passed with distinction in one of the

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observed to be affected at the beginning. The paralysis scarcely ever remains

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Treatment of all the paralyses last described follows the same rules as are

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governing the movements of the eye are very frequent, especially in the early

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With the diminution of the sensation for passive motion, there is also gen-

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ralyses, but we have never been able to convince ourselves, of the occurrence of