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Pathology. — Melancholia has been regarded by some observers as
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Sexual excess means, in fact, sexual excess ; it means indulgence in the
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attaching to such an indiscretion on her part is extremely severe.
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Introduction. — "VVillan defined prurigo (prurio, itch) as an association
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example, on the abdomen, producing "ovarian" tenderness; there is no pain-
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the sweat orifices (Tilbury Fox and Crocker), but this appearance is of
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strong enough ; and, in order to increase its keratolytic action, caustic
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innocence or vice of the course pursued, is the degree of uncertainty or
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when, racked with gout, he began the Greek alphabet — and
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Clinical course. — The fate of hypertrophied sweat-glands varies as
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Thus the product of the hydrogen ion concentration and
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gas to atmospheric pressure and note the volume occupied, or may
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a. Rh typing is performed with anti-Rh 0 "slide" serum fur-
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organism, but so modified as to have very slight pathogenetic powers,
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diuresis, and thereby remove ptomaines from the system — the toxic alka-
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the Human Body, London, 1830, p. 160. — 3. Bernhardt. Zeitschr. f. klin. Med.
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shoulder supports, and cover glass are perfectly clean.
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of lymphangiectasis by Dr. Colcott Fox in 1886 ; and one, as a form of
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more than a mere congestive erythema — that a definite cell-exudation
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has been amusing himself in his enforced idleness of mind by riding
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There can be no doubt that our muscles are controlled by the kin-
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the case with epithelioma— a recurrence certainly not due to inefficiency
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trunk. It is associated with more or less enlargement of the superficial
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parts feel as hard and immovable as if they were cast in plaster. The
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alone ; but circumstances are often not so favourable, friends, in particular,
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Let us now suppose that his circumstances are such that he would
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qualities, such as the good, the evil, or exaltation or depression, not
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As, however, in the human sestivo-autumnal parasite, the crescent-derived
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ratio decreases, pH decreases. If this ratio is 9:1, pH is 0.95 unit
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apparently excessive. In health, women need food more frequently than
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and it is at present doubtful how far some of the varied appearances met
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easy, hence a notion of obstruction or even destruction of the stomach ; or
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"Embolic Spread of Melanotic Cancer, " Archives of Path. Anat. 1873, pp. 58, 64. — 24.
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neurotic or hysterical stigmata ; the affection occurs usually on the ex-
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" Sclerodermia and its relation to Elephant. Arabum," Edith. Med. Jourii. 1867-68.
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somewhat branny. The skin assumes a normal appearance after a week
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apothecaries were instituted for no other purpose than to
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cures, for impostors were drawn by multitudes, and yet he
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orders. Of the host of abdominal and pelvic discomforts of which these
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desires are directed towards individuals of the same sex, with members of
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