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nature. On the following day he was much better, and continued

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1873. As a medical student he was greatly admired and

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Union manager, the latter position, one he filled for nine years. All

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Tuberculosis and Pneumonia." which Dr. Miller wrote in collabora-

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Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, and also Pro-

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England ancestry. Their children are: Marian Pindell and Susan

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isolated, sometimes it is accompanied by a transverse or

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I ordered Pulsatilla, third decimal dilution, to be given when the

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Congress held in London in 1881, and to the Tenth International

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U ARM ON ALBERT VEDDER, A.B., M.D., is a general practi-

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the house staff of Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, where he re-

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and merchandise. Instant isolation of every individual affected,

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well as they have done in the past, and continue to show statis-

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tated by the refreshing of the ends of the nerve before

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tented with a statement of doctrines, in order that you may

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always been too small for the junior class. We are glad to

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was etherized, and the forceps applied. And although we used

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the New York University and Bellevue Hospital Medical Col-

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spirit of the age. I would tell them to take a six-months' course

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amongst Children, it hath carried off all that Green Choller

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track of the wound, giving rise to more or less bruising and

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' ' Surgical Pathology, ' ' published as a volume, a contribution of last-

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noise, even on ordinary business days, and too much noise allowed

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of the Albumen Molecule," "Treatment of Cancer of the

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rhages ; and, lastly, they may give rise to the formation of

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his third year, he taught histology to the students of the Veterinary

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fore, to suffer severe illness and disfigurement, and even run the

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Dr. Richardson's influence in behalf of the college did

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which should be devoted to sleep, and should enjoin staying at