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lymphatic system, the mucous lining of the digestive tract and

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menstruated when two years old, became pregnant at eight,

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circulation ; imperfect recoveries from diarrhea and dysentery.

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Antiseptic System," Prof. Holmes remarked that, whether Mr. Lister's ex-

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White poplar was highly esteemed by the early Eclectics.

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glandular system, but seems to have a curative effect on some

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head, accompanied with nausea and vomiting of bilious matter;

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was discussed by Drs. Hoover and Meltzer, the discussion being

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cous membrane, and relieves bronchial irritation, respiratory dis-

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heart, and especially the right ventricle, will be heard laboring

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feebleness of the organs, and not where there is irritation and

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habit. It is not safe or advisable to apply kerosene to the

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Indications. — Emaciation, with elevated temperature and im-

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ful optician, 11. Nachet, (the younger,) and we agreed in

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his special attention to the treatment of diseases of the ner-

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Ulceration of the forehead is said to be always syphilitic, except

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and gently pull it straight out from the body of the horse

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will be sufficient to prescribe twenty drops, of a good tincture,

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orrhages from the bladder and in the epistaxis that seems con-

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continual use of the voice, commonly known as "clergyman's

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duced by (1) imperfect heat loss; or, (2) increased heat pro-

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mation of stone in the bladder. To a certain extent it increases

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miserable existence, an object of terror and disgust to all

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nmr. Pulsation could be readily seen in both carotids, and a diffuse forci-

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ing across the middle line. The conditions in favor of aneurism

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gasses and smoke. It occurs in various degrees of in-

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activity, and in leucorrhea, when the discharge consists of milky-

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of error. Thus Lehman showed that the peculiar green stools

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opthalmoscopic examination is not without utility, for you

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an anxious expression of countenance, eyes staring, breath-

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preceding centuries. In proof of which we have only to

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with occasional erection, tend to keep open for a long time