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usually dees exist in long standing cases of stric-

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time, immediately after which the boy was wiped perfectly dry and put

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out, the body being of one continuous redness, while on the limbs it

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impulse became distinct on the eleventh day, while the second sound,

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observed that all the fatal cases of fever which we have had in hospital

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is an excellent adjuvant in the treatment of this disease.

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home, M.D.; H. C. Lea, Philadelphia. Conspectus of the Medical Sciences;

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ation. The case is one of true scirrhus, and the patient will submit

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Special Operators in Charge of Blood Transfusions. — ^The great

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with occasional interruptions, until it is displaced by another constitution

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and is a lingular prefervative againlt the Plague, or

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forth long and {lender, flat, ligbtijh green Cods, moftly

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Small, Henry N., M.D., 16.5 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, 111.

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ing and Evening -, I have proved ir. It alfo caufes

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an animal-drawTi affair with seven wagons; there were five surgeons,

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keeps the medicine in reserve until they reappear. The following table

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rate being governed by the operator by adjusting the gas escape or the

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^' My friend and pupil, M. Clement Bonnefin, is now collecting facts

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struation were delayed, scanty, or entirely absent. Arsenicum

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J. B. Smith, who understands the art of combining delicacy with

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a complete set of the British Journal of Homoeopathy^ twenty-seven

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whom she was not acquainted. Upon missing her accustomed physi-

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pulse, wiiich neither in strength nor frequency bears relation to these

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of declamations in favour of general education ; and are every where

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marked phlebitis of the foot and leg, with chills, fever, dyspnoea, and

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tacts were sent to hospital, the contacts being kept under observation

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toms which sometimes succeed ; and in one very fine healthy child,

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Praotioal Courses in Chemistry and Microscopy .—Attendance upon two RegmUtr Omrses requisite

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fits. This table had been made for some time before I discovered that

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of our school, and the leading members of it are, and will be, those

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others as late as the fifth of intra-uterine life, a

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state of the lower extremities immediately after the inflammation of the

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Birch, George B., M.D., Hannibal, Marion County, Mo.

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» Die Bekampfung des Typhus— Veroffentlichungen aus dem Gebiete des MQitar-Sanitatswessens,

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and at times the patient would be drawn up double by its severity.

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At ten, Sir Henry Marsh and Mr. Barker saw him ; he had slept an

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Hoffendahl, H. L. H., M.D., 25 Somerset Street, Boston, Mass.

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which the administration of these remedies are regulated have been laid

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assimilation, and enters directly into the circulation with the food products.

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Physic, published in 1800, be to the reader who peruses it in 1900?