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in nature, occurring primarily in the cranial arteries and

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competitors need not deter you from settling here. There is always plenty of

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smooth opening in the wall of the aorta, communicating

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days the daily quantity varied irregularly from 4,000 to 10,000 grammes.

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The blood is enriched and the heart's action improved ; stiffened

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metabolized iodin, whereas the latter is the result of the action of excessive

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nodule of carcinoma or sarcoma appears, and the glands may get infected.

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run of his succus conii bottle. For such practices a remedy must

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Some have found the carbonic acid augmented, others have found

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.'J.— The insanity of typhoid commonly occurs during

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there is a general oligochromemia associated w r ith an individual hyper-

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improvement of the sheep in question was due to the loss of the

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locomotive apparatus; that he confounded the tendons and ligaments with the nerves, that

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plained why he has done so ; but surely explanation

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treatment, and that if you have any reason to believe

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the brain and on cerebral localization hare eminently

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ible theory is that the disease is due to some as yet undiscovered para-

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give to every fever quite a change of type or form.

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violence in the more populous, though not very much

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.(•patients who are emaciated and exhausted by long continued sup-

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was the distinction between chronic inflammation and

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for one or two weeks. Then lower by 1 tablet every four

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by means of injuring the property of another ; yet we do not call the

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some of its modifications, is a disease of this description.

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in certain cases of arterio-sclerosis is a general appearance of dis-

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Rectal Suppositories. — The shape of the ordinary rectal suppository

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tuberculosis. The affected bones, however, do not show the

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early operation than in any less decisive measures, and that if cases

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cles on Anidrosis, Dysidrosis, Ichthyosis, and Motphcea.

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sorbent cotton. This is easily done, without disturb-

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may be as to the power which it is able to exert on the system when

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convulsive spasm, strabismus, and occasional amaurosis, with vomiting

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recognized, should be treated according to the indications given above.

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A search for appropriate preventive measures to forestall the

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are directed so that those in attendance might acquire a better

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J. E,., aet. 23, a valet, was admitted under the care of my

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well marked, the pulse full and incompressible. On the 22d, the

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again presented himself, having a cough and great difficulty in articulating