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electrically the case mentioned by Mr. Wallis. In that case he con-

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xvii, 53-60. — Bruns (H. D.) Ocular therapeutics. N.

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heart he gave it up. Later pituitary gland was taken

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Dr. Houghton thought opium was to pain what religion was

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Chicago. Their academic positions, general reputation,

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requently spread to Europe, and this country has been

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He was taken to Columbia for treatment, remaining there until Janu-

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mortality, taking the cases as they came? He replied, "No,

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cles contract so violently as to sometimes draw the head

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infectious nature of scarlet fever, but it will probably

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piness to many a humble home by curing its child from a dis-

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literature. The various responses suggest heterogeneity in

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lands.^ The potential exists for introduction of dengue

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which I have heard, but never seen, '• typhoid pneu

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ments, and they obeyed. Two days after this the fever obtained

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few, passing through various stages of hypochondria, arrive

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fibrous coat, partly in leucocytes derived directly from the over-distended

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cent, of carbon dioxid, and men worked continuously in this for years

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sistent thymus, lymphatic hvperpl.-isia, and vascular hy-

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showed it to be a portion of the liver. Xo autopsy was

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tirely given way to a somewhat exaggerated expression

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Glasorow University (M.P.., CM., 1894-), and after graduation

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and other digestive disturbances, and from time to time since he had

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In some cases the patient complains only of a little feverishness, loss of

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discovered, I think was the origin in this case. A true ganglionic

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literature. The various responses suggest heterogeneity in

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Supper: Tea, Graham bread and so-called Pyrmontish puree (composed of

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cardiac, pulmonary, or musculoskeletal limitations which

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number, are carried off by pulmonary confumption. Malignant and

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injury had healed by Nov. 30, with the exception of 4.

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the apparatus and the leg, so as to press gently and equally

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