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In either case the essence of the insane mental state is the loss of power
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is found to be especially effective. When there is an anaemic tendency,
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in which case there will be a bellows-murmur at both sounds of the
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stricture of the pylorus by means of salol, which is normally decomposed
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4. A Pathognomonic Sign of Scarlatina. By M. Bouchut.
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although this distinction is not absolute, since mild cases may become
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of carbolic acid should be immediately injected into the rectum, and the
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rare malignant cases the prognosis may be grave, whilst the treatment
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cerebral embolism, softening, interstitial proliferation, and hyperplasia of
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the exception of localized, apparently deep-seated, bronchophony and
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vitelline remains in one-fifth. It is of importance to remember that the
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affected portions of the kidney become invaded by the bacilli, either
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as they arise. When the vomiting is severe, carbonic acid water, lime
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cerned. All are in accord in inculcating absolute quiet in bed, with
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dura mater, may possibly occur in purulent form as a result of sepsis.
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stomatitis the inflamed spots are discomforting, but not especially pain-
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of the throat, including the tonsils, soft palate, and uvula, may occur in
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weddy. Up to Nov. 25th the total numbw attacked was 33,983,
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from the period of invasion to well- advanced convalescence.
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is danger of carbolic acid poisoning. It is therefore unfit for use in acute
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for little matters — ^a species of aflFectation by no means to be admired.
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tough, opaque gray. Dyspnoea is constant, and paroxysms of coughing
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that out of twelve cases he succeeded in curing nine with the thyroid
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not differ from those present in inflammation of the large intestine
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ful post-mortem examination may fail to detect any cause. These are
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" spongio-piline," which serves similar purposes. In my daily expe-
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given. It is true that during sleep there is more or less pronounced cere-
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the most minor operation, it would be highly reprehensible to at-
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purpose of thoroughly emptying the alimentary canal, but largely for
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withdrawn, and five minims of turpentine given in emulsion every two
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confused is neuralgia, but in the latter affection there are no marked ten-
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brick-dust sediment takes place under various physiological conditions,