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the fetal life is endangered by the repeated convulsions ;
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creatinine, allantoin, peptone, phlorydzine), leucocjrtes are indif-
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deep reflexes in the upper limbs. Transverse myelitis rarely causes
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which so profoundly change the red corpuscles as to make them lose
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The Medical and Surgical Treatment of Acute and Chronic
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front half of the thorax need be taken. Cut sections horizontally.
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look only upon that side of the argument which is in
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alcohol with sulphuric acid in the presence of per-
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milliammeter as a measure of the current through the tube, since the readings
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by the humbler practitioner not less than by the most
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to revaccination. From beginning to end, not a single case of small-
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algesia of the cervical group of segments. A culture from her
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centre, produces excruciating torture. Evidences of this
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' Read before the Obstetrioai Society of Rdii^borgh, lOth ApnL
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lymph sheaths, and that the tumors must be classed with the endothe-
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Rohnier. Des accidents iufectieux tardifs produits k la
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pain. At the end of six weeks the remedy was left off, for
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iodide of mercury and potassium, while the patient's bowels were kept
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may be considered : the protraction of the remissions,
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dextrfe. Festschr. z. Feier . . . H. von llcliiiholtz, Hamb.
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course of this form was often tedious, but did not pass into severe general chorea.
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convenience as topographical, physiological, and instrumen-
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The treatment is directed toward the relief of the most urgent symptoms.
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Ovariotomy." A case is related in which chronic suppuration
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tion, and the uterus in each case is well forward. The object
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the clear solution was first tested for sulphuric acid, by instilling a
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connection being established, it only remains to establish a
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to keep the skin warm and moist. Flanuel.should be next to the skin. A
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of the scrotum, upon the surface of which depressed cicatrices,
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sometimes attended with its induration, accompanied with mor-
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attempts to coordinate pulse-rate and respiratory effort. But
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he did not seem to improve much until both testicles were
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The following paragraph, quoted from Giraud-Teulon, is a simple expression
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18 operative cases, and adds 15 additional cases operated upon
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fragments. Billard and Depaul also bear testimony to this
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are normal, but the pupillary reflexes are sluggish, with pupils much
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ders considerably, but answers questions quite rationally ;