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The object is to diminish the discharges from the stomach and bowels
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application owing to the fact that the tabetic sense of
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by sponilation. He found this same organism in the blood and stomachs
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when placed in water. This may take four or five months
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is hard and tense. The superficial arterial walls are thickened and incom-
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as returning officer for the homeopathic elections after 2 o'clock p.m. on the 29th day
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subsequent penetration of the infection into the deeper structures of
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ally discharged. An injection made in this way across
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fron, by its curative effects, may bring sundry maladies, hitherto
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l^T //C <0~0ts**& C-4UzS^ C^t ' lilted f O^YC^- *St /^&tr f^^r^-^-t^C /*1- —
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stools then contain abundant proteid residue whicli can be
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rasrs properl}' distinguished as malignant, many must die, despite thefaith-
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anteriorly nearly to Ponpart's ligament, I had to make the ring
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Aescnlus relieves hemorrhoids '^t^cotiibtOii^ by a feeling oi dryness is
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than two-thirds the natural distance. Pronation is good, but
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ing of the vessel walls, destruction of glomeruli, and more or less degeneration
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Harrington, D. W., 1430 Main St., Buffalo, Erie Co. Original.
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only descended from Hippocrates to the days of Sydenham, but has
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gry man should not eat on the Sabbath as well as upon any other
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over or under the dura, according to whether or not this membrane
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number, all of them being of more than ordinary interest. Among
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frequently marked irregularity characterises commencing loss of
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Meningitis also occurs. The bones and joints are frequently involved.
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cataplasms, unless it also requires incision. You must per-
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respect to the medical treatment received by the common
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which he concluded that the virus of all three diseases, gonorrhea,
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of mutual affection. His country school-life began just
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The disturbance of the patient precludes the application of a bandage
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particular article ; and as it seems to be one that is
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interested in the question of venereal disease ; especially I would
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great plan of the Creator providing for the affliction of man, it cannot
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treating largely a certain class of cjises, the tendency
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with methylene-blue, gentian-violet, and fuchsin. On stain-
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realized his danger, and therefore begged to be saved from such
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Haering vs. Spicer, 92 Illinois Appellate Court Reports, 449.
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interpreted as phrenic palsy in pericarditis. The diaphragm is not
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other hand, the irritation starts from the same place,
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the *hole of the dorsal aspect of the thumb, fore and middle fingers,
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