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during the summer. I have known an instance in which the disease ap-

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nature of these conditions ; hence, it is important, if possible, to deter-

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where it does not; thus the sensibility of the conjunctiva, and

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foct that the patient has had syphilis, and by the absence of evidence of

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it is diflicult to see what indication they fulfd Avhieh mny not be equally

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each etc. ; but they present considerable diversity in different cases. Of

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around the caudal end of the trigeminal motor nucleus. A few fine mesencephalic

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fing, and we felt no inclination to assist the obscure ])ractitioners

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These symptoms may be due to uraemia, or to meningitis, which may oi

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remarkable disturbance of the curative process. In the free

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or star-shaped structures, which correspond to the nervous ter-

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tion to the emerging trigeminal nerve anteriorly, the vestibular

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argued, however, by some (Jerman surgeons, that although we

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which i)robabl3' involves blood-changes, the latter being dependent on

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been traced to and even into the cineritious substance, and many

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muscles innervated by one of these nerves and count the number

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exit of the inferior maxillary branch, and over the parietal bone. It is

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granules is round or that of irregular lumps. Another charac-

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scorbutus, associated with vibices and ecchymoses of variable size and

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and more numerous than in health, and cells may be filled and even dis-

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Huber, G. Carl 1901 Observations on the innervation of the sublingual and

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The temperature of the skin varies in different cases and at different

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but used with proper application and moderation, they form an important

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of red corpuscles notably diminished ; the fibrine augmented, but with

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in the right iliac region, which gradually increased until the

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exudation-matter, fibroid tissue and fat, and a consequence of this press-

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by far more strong stimulation, became doubtful of the truth

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here the Golgi net could only be observed around the cell and in

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propriety of considering the condition as a functional affection, and the

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spinal pain is not always increased by pressure over the vertebral column,

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happens, from the great difference there is in the diseases which

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ligament, which covered them down to their last phalanges,

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which the inflammation is circumscribed and gives rise to abscess of the