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sound is probably due to increased tension of the tympanic structures,

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The spinal cord in cases of syringomyelia usually presents very obvious

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sented by the so-called cachexia of malignant disease. It must be pre-

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which afterwards continued with unabated severity. By physical exaroi-

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would lessen the endless number of applicants for discharges, who

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so : " Yet," says Esquirol, " I sometimes regret my women at the

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plished by changing a mucous surface, opposed to adhesive inflam-

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450 B.C. In it mention is made of the fixation of loose teeth by means of

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the doctor's observation is failure of sight ; thus, a large number of cases

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owing to the varying nature of the epidemic. In some years the frequency

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so excessive has been the zeal of the lay-administrators of the asylum,

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Methods of Operating. — It is only necessary to describe three of the

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that of alternate pronation and supination of the wrist, and then both the

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often useful, and strychnine hypodermically administered is of great use

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Iodine, iodoform, and potassium iodide have each, on rare occasions,

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Insomnia, headache, neuralgia, and hysteric ailments, as well as brain fatigue

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stage of syphilis in people who from any cause are broken down in health.

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as late as such papers can be received, to be of any service to the

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they may act (1) by diminishing oxidation ; (2) by inducing diaphoresis ;

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Affections of the Skin {Cutaneous Syphilide). — The affections of

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'* Time alone can determine whether our anticipations in this respect

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'' There are many other cogent considerations, to which 1 cannot a1^

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In chronic cases of saturnine poisoning there is albumen in the urine.

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Before going on to benign tumours of the skin, a brief reference to cysti-

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another person, may produce the disease. Koch considers this point of