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tion, so that in the case of dilated heart digitalis brings more food (blood)

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Insanity General Considerations Constitutional Insanities Pure Insanities

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is to be recognized by the application of the compound solution of iodine,

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coffee, ptomaines, phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony may act as causes,

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turbances, are important in differentiation. Although the symptoms

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motor nerve) which have the power of directly causing muscular movement. The

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tion of urea is always less than normal, the degree of diminution being in

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complex paths show the impress of the multitude who have carefully

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professional and social life and as a Christian, and was listened to

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are due to their pressure upon adjacent parts. One of the earliest as well

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The vegetations or outgrowths are covered with granular and fibrillated

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state that the elimination of lead through the skin in chronic lead

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although, especially in children, mild symptoms may assume rapidly a

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with other points of diagnosis) to determine also the valve which is

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or weakness, and are usually indicative of a predominance of the fatty

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needs treatment, because it is not long sustained. If, however, 104 F. is

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at any stage of the disease. Ordinarily there is constipation. Enlarge-

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ticularly during the colder months of the year. Its extension is favored

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may be withdrawn by aspiration, according to the amount which is

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SYMPTOMS. Pain, vomiting, and cachexia, and tumor in the region

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In some of these cases the general symptoms resemble those of bilious

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thralgic pains, formication, or numbness in the hands, radiating pains

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follow it strictly. It must be so altered from day to day as not to weary

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pulse is weak, and the respiration often rapid and painful, and accom-

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last for years, passing through an initial stage, a progressive stage, a

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injection of corrosive sublimate is sometimes extraordinarily efficacious.

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are also important by enfeebling the power of resistance of the individual.

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the designation of malignant syphilis. Usually, however, recurrent out-

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evitably fatal, although periods of temporary improvement might occur

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first, abnormal wakefulness ; second, abnormal somnolence or morbid

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There is a frequent tendency to clear the throat, and the coughing results

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disease of the country rather than of the town ; but it is not true that

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may be unsuspected until enlargement of the abdomen is apparent.