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non-mercurial treatment. Allow me to add another case, that of

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been established 17 years. Reasonable terms. Address, " S., 1,063,"

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and keep themselves right, if you take care to pre-

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to the will by which she has ordained the perpetual

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AnuoTT, Assistant-Surgeon F. T., 41st Foot, to be Staff-Surgeon.

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worth a guinea, it ought to be; but there must be some mistake,

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9.30 P.M. I di-ew ofi" sixteen ounces of urine with

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science, in regard to which they have not been exercised. /

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singularly candid little book, Art and Nature in the Cure of

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■died in a state of unconsciousness at eight o'clock

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against all costs, damages, and expenses of you or either of you,

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locum interpretatur. Neque hoc tantum de statu Corporis

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in an adjoining bed in our lying-in hospitals, should

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more especially on the infantile portion of it. That

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tate their researches, than the grouping and classify-

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compound character of the same division is re])resented in a

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strangulation exists— an undesirable practice, but

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in the open air, but not sufficiently prolonged to fa-

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of Modern Painters, there may be found the best unfolding I

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his companion, Mr. Eankin, fell senseless on the table

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radius just below the tubercle, the fracture communi-

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Correspondents, who wish notice to be taken of their communica-

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is a moving that is ' delicate ; ' it flows in upon us

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used. I directed her to drink largely of cold water

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Thorax, diagnosis of tumours in, by Dr. Gkeene . .311

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Hutchinson; Mr. J. Z. Laurence; Dr. P. W. Ijvtham; The

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stand up against. If it were not for the fact that a

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of the yellow rape-fields over which it had passed,

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suffers nothing, and he evinces no trouble or alarm

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partment, the Secretary of State for War, the General

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This report, which is for the year 1861, shows among

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for each other, inasmuch as the nitrogen shares with

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donner de la tete. II tenoit pourtant ferme contre la saignee ;

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cinal properties. Physically, they are allied ; being

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past their early struggles are often greatly annoyed

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The child of M. R., a healthy boy, was attacked on the

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tual prejudging of the case — an anticipation of jus-

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be found to be the case, as far as I know, no record

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irritated him so much, that he went on to the quarter-deck, and

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people. This it is which distinguishes our time from

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that the convalescent period was most dangerous, as

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medicine. So far, therefore, fi-om receiving recom-

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tion of life. It is intended, -Nvithin a certain range of

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tyi)hus, like other exanthemata, as a rule, rarely oc-

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ject for consideration, and here not only the pulsation, but