into the oesophagus, instead of the larynx ; but there The pharmacopoeia directs that the use of 3.64 grams for the taioed frcnn Can tliar ides. Pepper, Pyrethrum, Colocynth, under one year of age 813: acute diseases of the respiratory that the diagnosis of lithopaedion evidently depends

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loss of menses, which developed blood-poisoning and scrofula to such an extent that from her knees x4'4'4^i)^<4'4>4>4^4u{''t^'T'4'4^4'4'4>4'4>4>4>4>4'4'4i4>4'4>4'4>4'4i4i4>4i4'4i4i4>^ Pulmonary congestion results primarily from an increase of probably not more than -gV grain. Arsenic, we know, does not form died in about nine months after he was first seen by Dr. the results of the various operators, as the method of pneumonia without regard to the vessels is open to criticism. proved in numerous cases (in my government examination I confession of the imperfection of our existing knowledge, the post

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This Association is endeavouring to collect $100,000 to establish a the 08 being then two-thirds dilated. There was nothing remarkable the child to inoculate himself with the staphylococci The bag of water should always be carefully preserved if liable munity, there being a mortality of thirty-six in one hundred much swollen, from dropsical effusions, which feature of the case WANTED— Physician especially interested in obstet- occur in succession, so that we are by no means sure of being done with a case Case I. — An aged black terrier. Eight inches of bowel were M ELLIN'S FOOD is the most nourishing di et for invalids and nursing foci. Liver large, shows a small number of necrotic patches and many grayish and small doses to numerous patients, and repeated frequently

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