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announced that it is the intention of the majority of the dele-

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book is "to direct the student in his work of dissection of the

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particles, then become the channels of a much increased current. This

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point at the pre-stemal notch ; the legs are now brought in line by

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relation with nerve elements pain will be produced. In due time,

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Santonin, the active principle of the European wormseed — semen contra —

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their prescriptions had to be called in question. Next

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doses, large doses of quinia, and the use of the veratrum viride. Cases in

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curette to the entire intrauterine surface, removing

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The obstinate coughs of Winter colds too often point to

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In all cases a careful restriction of diet, but a free al-

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In severe cases 4 to 6 grams are average quantities, which may be

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that that must be due to the fact that pus Ir shut down

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1 out of 7i of the clandestine sort have syphilis, are

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a somewhat longer and cylindrical worm almost an inch in length and, like the male ,

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number and severity, while the latter are correspondingly shortened.

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and had cried hard enough at times to go into fits." I found

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The theory of Snow, with as well as without these modifications, has

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admit that it seldom, if ever, does good. Traube, however, is said to have

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lyzed, and Burgeon ' describes the rectum of an idiot,

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len and loaded with yellow granules. In hardened sections we see

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never .succeeded in curing a case of chronic laryngitis until

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menstruation begins to be suspended. This functional work

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sideration of this organism in the differential diagnosis

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pedunculated, the pedicle being attached to the retina above and exter-

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finds that it occurs most frequently in the first, fourth, and sixth decades

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nerve. Bezold and Bloebaum were, I think, the (irst

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The President appointed Monday, May 15, as the date of

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matter, nausea, loathing of food, and an offensive taste in the

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from Hysterical Emotion, from Passion, from liabits of Life — Insomnia — Dementia —

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ogy, 71, 103 ; in public hygiene, 253 ; in ophthal-

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* A number of col or- analyses (Ehrlich) were made, but without satis-

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standards of care set by prepaid providers, etc. We

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It is difficult, even at this time, to understand how the pits were