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gallon tank under high pressure, is allowed to flow slowly
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antidotal effect is only temporary so that emetics must be used after
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into the thighs. There is a scanty secretion of urine with
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also, says that he has observed the formation of vessels at the extre-
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by unreal images and aberrant trains of thought, which cannot be
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wound of the abdominal wall, and the wound he not in the
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It would, indeed, be difficult to explain how a meso-nephron,
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Foster, F. P. Vaginal injections in Sims's posture, 387.
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26. Billroth. — " Cystoma ligamenti lati sin.," Eder (A.) Aerztl,
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sphincters, it is always produced by reflex nei've-
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lateral sinus. This occupies the well-known groove in the occipital bone
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of gray jjowder given hourly is of great service in
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almost as long ago as v/e have any history of its treatment. There
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as diseases of the hone, chronic meningitis, tumours of the spine ; secondly,
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complex, and when the body is modified by disease the complexity
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together and sutured it with silk. There was considerable hemorrhage.
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of Assistant-Surgeon C. C. Byrue, U.8.A. On the recovery, andlresomp-
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outset, as I have already shown, was very extensive ; it was
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but we do not know to what extent they were miracu-
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This variety of synonima has been handed down to us
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of construction and ghastliness in conception, is prob-
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pamphlet which aimed at a rigid classification of diseases by their symptoms
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tonsils, post-nasal growths, and chronic inflammatory states
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the considerations which antagonize sorrow and lighten the
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the early diagnosis of infectious diseases and the essentials of practical san-
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oxide of copper is abundantly reduced, and the yellow precipitate falls
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trouble to examine and analyze carefully the records of the large
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horses bred on the western continent, and spread over
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a kind that we can obtain sufticient evidence of capacity for that
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fragments, the gap is too extensive to be bridged over and
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chocolate and various kinds of candy, as well as tobacco
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