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COTES.— On May 4th, at Bournemouth, Charles Edward Henry Cotes,

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who it appears carries on trade at the "corner of Barry Road and Under-

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would have been under 2 instead of the actual 8 recorded.

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Another peculiarity lies in the apparent immunity of men

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HUBiUBD, Frederick Edmund. L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S., reappointed

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A. Blackstone, University College : T. H. Body. Guy's Hospital ; W.

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A. C. Bird, St. Thomas's Hospital ; V. K. Blackburn, Sheffield ; W.

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child extracted, during which the sac was torn and free

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joint hospital board has been formed for the erection of

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supply of the wanted nutritive material you augment the

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I. M. S. protests against the incorrect and misleading comparisons which

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opposea u> ail aujcu strike upon the mental condition ol the

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Hospital; H. W. Hardy, Charing Cross Hospital; T. C. Harmer,

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changed with discrimination, and employed with perse-

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formed what, I regret to say, I could not at the present time

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perfectly flat and being free from all movement, there is a

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prising that he should think that efficiency can be secured

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to my name in connection with the subject. However, this

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mentioned in the report, I wrote to say that I had made an

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leprosy is insisted upon. From an analysis of 2 313 cases, it

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graphically the amount of work done as the day progresses.

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ties. Subsequently the Commissioners assQipbled- at Simla

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also alludes mysteriously to "the institution with which the

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they might usefully and with acceptance give a placebo, and

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the Committee with a view to bringing its constitution into

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ment,ThI?e"en the supporters of the >-esolution express a eo^v o

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his modification of the method of passing the stitches, and

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Charing Cross. Jlours of Attendance. —Medical and Surgical, daily, 1.30:

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ment of cases of infectious diseases ordinaiily current in this ciuntry,

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and he complains that this statement may give a wrong im-

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be sent straight to the registrar, and a small fee to the medi-

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ham ; A. N. V. Johnson, Roval Free Hospital ; H. W. Lyle. Kings

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taking, conduvited by M. Loir; the '"foundation " of the institute is, there-

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Harris, L.R.C.P. ; PercivalHorton Smith, M.A., M.B.Cantab.;

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able piece of cartilage and bone. I then pinched up the ex-

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clarborough District and Workhouse of the Retford Union.

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t'he eerai-fluotuating swelling on the side of the face has

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iPowNE, Leslie, MR.C SEng., reappointed Medical Officer for Newton St.

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and surgeons from important medical centres such as Dublin

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ear shoot. When wishing to perform an opei'ation the latter in-

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Fleet-Sdeoeon Maek a. Harte has been placed on the retired list,

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avoid the conclusion that, among the inhabitants of such regions,

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are understood to characterise the members of a profession

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forty of these bodies indicating the risk they incurred. Satis-