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different selectivity on the part of the Shiga, Flexner or Y strains, except
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ascending arch of the aorta, and pericarditis with effusion,
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with general arteriosclerotic changes, is among the well-recognized lesions of
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Castration, therefore, both in the male and female, deprives
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The microscope alone can render the diagnosis positive.
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cardiac calcification starts in this way. In other cases it is the
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twenty-eight years of age, single, who had never been pregnant. She
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military asylum, who volunteered to act as staff-surgeon here,
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Fuchs, who found return of the growth in. 13% of the cases.
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No obstruction was found in the vessels after death, and the ordinary
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C»8ewas performed by Thom:is Bryant, aixl the report of the case is in
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phuric acid, phosphoric acid, muriatic acid, fluoric
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times, the same animal is for more susceptible to the influence of them than at
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much attention. [Multiple neuritis from arsenical beer will be subsequently
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Revised Order of Tests -with Alterations in Scores: —
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12th May, was issued in London on Friday, the 11th.
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endocrine glands may take the form of (1) hypof unction, in consequence of
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The bodies called psorosperms are found in these cases, but it is doubtful
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unsuitable clothing. Any one who will try the matter will, we are sure, be
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Further, it should be remembered that the combustion of the food
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toward more or less complete paralysis, and afterward toward recovery,
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inclined to think that the two wounds could not be connected, because the
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is more efficient when aided liy tlie free use of cream of tartar
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patient's death. The first group requires no further consideration here, as
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to call attention to Case 7, in which a cortical hemorrhage strictly con-
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which are, most of them, not special to such beverages, are most of them
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develops difliculties, whicli as the study pro-
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antiperiodic cannot be attained because the sufficient dose cannot
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The patient suffers much, from the winter's cold, and in marked cases the
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lunar, about 2 in. radius. The stomach was not dilated, and
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logical ossification; with too free a circulation there is no calcification
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a resource which should never be omitted in case of doubt.
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the considerable audience which has attended the opening
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stores, we are constantly forced to inhale a large portion of it,