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The naked statement of this fact, would at first excite interest, because Rethenbacker,
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in the discovery of a tumour attached to the right vocal cord. The patient
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'■^Post-mortem. — Upon opening the abdominal cavity, a large 'amount of
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moved, and I requested Dr. Colles to see him with me. We
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claiming very excellent results; it causes relaxation, but does not remove the
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distinct parts — 1. The General Hospitals; 2. Special Hos-
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Dr. O. A. Sander, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will discuss
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for many months, the secretion of the skin, while the urine
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deemed in any way correlated to those mentioned in this
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* Dr. Hamilton seems to forget here that he only used the forceps thirty-three
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blood in the brain prior to death. After death conditions alter : serous
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it must all be dissolved It is poured directly into the eosin solution
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desquamation (diagnosed by Professor C. Boeck as dermatitis exfoliativa
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the bones, and not far from the joints, mostly left, and
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Several small Juemorrkages in pyloric portion of stomach.
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affected area, but no respiratory embarrassment or fever. In the
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Dawne Ryals, PO Box 1925, Roswell, GA 30077-1925. (404)
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A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Ear, including a
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Amelioration in symptoms do not contraindicate surgical inter-
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ssri discontinuation syndrome treated with fluoxetine
have been considered worthy a re-utterance after the lapse of a consider-
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press upon the practitioner the importance of tracing carefully to its
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a total of 23 cases with 19 recoveries and 4 deaths.
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name of Lister in connection with the inestimable benefit
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ny, an analysis of which we propose giving to cur readers at an
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for carcinoma. He claimed 93 per cent, cures if radium
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lived only three hours, and another only t. formation will be thereby obtained. — Mtd.
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trice; essai de chimie ph\ siologique appliqu^e a la th6-
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On our arrival we found the young mother with a baby a few months old in her
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symmetrical to the speech-area in the left hemisphere are never
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M. Collis, Smyly, Rynd, and, I believe, several others.