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(c) The authors have drawn distinctions between three varieties of

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which litharge is added in considerable quantity to communi-

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treated by a dentist seen in the emergency and he drained away a consider-

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day with typical lesions of diphtheria. The discussion in this paper is

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as a cowboy. The life was extremely congenial to him, and this may in

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long bones for the course of acute infections, especially influenza.] Ztschr.

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considerably tumefied, and was tender upon compression ; and

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ally, then with each recurrence of pain. The pain and swelling affected

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by an unnatural slowness and fulness of pulse. I found how-

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Friedmann unsuccessfully attempted cures in America and Canada after

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the median for this group and the number of cases over 220 mm.

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almost every writer on the subject. The gonorally accepted ana-

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sputum. Average weight at fifteen years was 115 pounds.

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d amies. [Congenital stenosis and torsion of the small intestine.] Beitr.

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position. There is frequentl}' nausea, and occasionally vomiting. The

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four weeks, nitrogen was injected in quantities of 150 to 200 c.c.

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these attacks the child had no disease during early infancy.

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or some one who can successfully introduce the catheter ; espe-

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venous injection of 0-005 — 015 gm. per kg. of choline — HC1 overcame the

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motion of it in all directions, without creating pain or uneasi-

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the body temperature shows, toward the 4th or 5th day, a diminution

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to three bulbs, each sHghtly larger than the one preceding, are then

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Observations on Acute Rheumatism, and its Metastasis to the Heart, &c, By-

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Their attempts to reproduce the condition experimentally did not

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The pyramidal, neo-kinetic system regulates isolated-sjaiergic move-

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passed through the skin to one side of the extremity of the sacrum. It is

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that if possible the quantitative relationship between the two

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of the abscess into the bowel. Death may be precipitated in a

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