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in which it is alleged that the injection of any nutrient
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of poisoning ; but on jmst-moriem examination there was
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the smell of the articles of food on which they had just dined. This
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Dr. Neumeister presupposes an acquaintance with general
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and death from intercurrent complications. The excision of a piece of
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•chairs, or to shoot pigeons, but he indulgns his desire only
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Symptoms. — The incubation may be very short, or from five to
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produce endocarditis. As we have seen, rheumatic arthritis may be
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some disposition to act in opposition to the requirements of the Phar-
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tion around the cells of the anterior horns of the spinal cord. In
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to su'h places and persons and with such objects as were coafemplated
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Medical Journal, in a communication by Dr. Bell, he claims priority
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There are, however, many peculiarities presented by gouty ar-
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everything else fails, to give the colon a prolonged rest by the establish-
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did not wish to appear as the rival of any other society having
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itching [of the womb] excellent truly millions of times.
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mel with 2 teaspoonfuls of compound licorice powder, taken at bed-
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When gouty kidneys are cut open gouty deposits of uratic matter
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having received a blow or injury of any kind to the head. His family
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Shiga. This has been proved by the researches of the workers in the
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of tlie patient's frieid^ to the use of the then new remedy having been
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the raw gland minced up with gravy or beef-tea and bread
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opportunities were afforded for renewing old friendships.
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.to be doctored and nursed gratuitously they deserved also
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severance of the seven townships. Recently he petitioned the Local
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is represented to be beneficial is by large doses of quinin, which are
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tional glands whose structure was normal. They lay about an inch
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to the seamen's medical friends inside and outside of Parlia-
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severe septicemia, and the infecting organisms may be isolated from
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Boston baked beans, and among the cereals, oatmeal, should be for-
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the will. But the choreic movements by no means involve all muscu-
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ter of inflammatory, ulcerative, or of exudative processes. More-
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through the fenestrum ovalis to the fluid contained in the semicircular
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is let out in such cases the cord seems to be shrunken in parts. Occa-
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a powder consisting of 10 gr. of subcarbonate of bismuth and 10 gr.
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show an honourable anxiety to be guided by professional