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the siiirar solution enters the small iniestine. dil'I'erciiccs in the amount

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25 to 66 per cent. The remaining four gave no definite information

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of the Larynx. International Congress of Medicine, Sec-

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sivo; and that alimi'iitary i;lyrMisiii'ia is xciy rnmiiinnl\ pnsrnt. 'I'lir

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a dizzy spell." For the past ten days there has been a good deal of

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the susceptibility of hogs to cholera and cattle to Texas fever with-

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91st Annual Session, Kansas City, March 27-.30, 1949

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fibrin. The intercostal muscles and subcutaneous tissue on the left

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and the keys are in the hands of Government men ; but there are only two such employees

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.llllliiill witll till Ki-k listlllii. il liiori' pi Illii-t'il ilrrri'flsi- in lllfji ;ih :

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way the grease may be saved for soap and other nonedible products

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n.-Ml l.y ..,„isMi..' a l..i.,-.M.y|.,sis. tl,.. ,,nri.,.. iMin- .Irriv.-l iVnin ||„. ,Mi,.|,.i,.

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of Histoplasmin and Tuberculin Reactors Among Ohio State

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Surgical Instruments, Invalid and Sick Room Supplies

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Marshall, and was installed as President of the Associ-

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number of ante-mortem inspections, fiscal year 1905-6 15

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presented the appearance of having been painted and whitewashed in the remote past ;

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surface of the medium as well as near the cover-glass. In many of

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son it will require its men to work as long as his, to begin as early,

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Fig. 2. Ectopic ureter draining upper supernumerary kid-

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authorities so attended to their disinfection and to the supervision

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patii'iit is examineil liy iiu'ans of the \-rays, (leueral symptoms, ccuu-

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following the eastern boundary line of Texas to the northwest corner of said Greer

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,.,„ss in tl„. ,-,.,•,!. >vl....'.as tl,.- ,1,. s„ ,.nly t,. a l,n..t.',l dv^u''^.

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ache was gone. Her temperature was then 102.5® F. At 2 o'clock in

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increase of epinei.hrine in 111.' Mood, has hecn foiiinl l.y Stewart and

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The methods en.i.lov...! for the study of th.-se hi-her integrations of

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tion. Subsequent perfusion through the heart gave the typical heart-

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ac.M'lci-alinii of llir latt.r |,oiti.,n ol' lliis .-yrl.'. Wii.'ii fully m-oun.

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cordinsr to which mcchanisiu was ilisturbed. While set at this hisrhcr

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work shall be performed at establishments where Inspection is maintained during any day

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veloped, as already pointed out, official organiza-

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Nitrogenous Metabolism, — There is slight increase in the daily

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of cement and the temporary studs removed, after which the outside