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the patient's taking more cold was seriously increased.
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Dr. Pring, upon the subject of congestion of blood in the brain,
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which gives life's best savour, and not one to be replaced by the objects
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Dr. Frank Hartley instanced a case which had come under
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is purely neuralgic. The phenomenon is not altogether ex-
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When such injury is in the upper region of the neck the upper
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cases of the disease. A distinct prodromic period was
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BERKELEY HILL, iM.D.Lond., F.K.C.S., Professor of Clinical Surgeo' in University College, Surgeon to University College
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The quality of the leucocytes varies as well, and a few immature
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1892-93, when the writer with the help of the peptone culture medium
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fed 4 pigs on sugar beets alone. There was some difficulty at first in
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fection it will be found loose and can be result. One patient died ; the temperature
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home, but should be under the attention of a doctor.
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pronounced about the third day. Later, to do this, especially when no organic
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The outbreak of influenza with its attendant compHcations took a
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when the patient was first seen. Considerable neuralgic pain
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symptoms are much aggravated by any form of jolting.
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by the administration of a cathartic, combined with a diaphoretic, as
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viz.. Dr. A. D. Anderson, Dr. William Weir, Dr. John MacĀ«
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partial peritonitis may be limited respectively to portions of membrane
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if settlers come in, it will be hard to get good educational facilities.
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said, and I think that probably some of these cases in which you may
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and the condition, as previously stated, is more likely to occur in such
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in diiferent epidemics is yet sufficiently definite and distinct as to give it a
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The good results following the use of the saline solution in these
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total number of deaths at all ajjes, bnt with the number of
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given with intent of aiding their condition, seemed
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formed in bilirubin or a foreign body. Cholesterin is
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healed over apparently. The doctors in charge of my case
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child, 2i years old, affected with dermatitis gangrenosa.
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effort is usually a familiar one, as hurry to catch a car, ascending a flight
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the course of general infections. In this latter group of cases, as a rule, no
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now suggest the propriety of some one being appointed to pre-
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462 IDr G:iutieTi on the Jllcdicai Use of Gclatwe. Oct.
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lieved and in a very short time will take some food and some
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difference in the treatment we notice that for the same Br number
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four hours the foot became warmer, and the oedema gradually decreased.
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then examine the periphery of the stump, and if no can-
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Case I. Arthritis {dbow) ; puerperal woman : gonorrhoeal ophthalmia of
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these elevated, thickened patches are the result of an
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The supra-renal bodies are donbtless liable to most of the organic aiid
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Both memoirs are full of interest and erudition, and show a vast
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Twenty-five years ago, with duties much less exacting than they now
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True infection gives rise to symptoms which depend again
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tical Guide for the OB/Gyn Physicians and Nurses. Rockville. Md. National Institute
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ter in die. ^^adc bat Httlo complaint through the day. Diet the
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purity of the fluid, and the tenderness of fibre and state of minute