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with the nerve-trunk often seem to exert more than a simple anal-
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perience of the profession, and not on their own, necessarily limited,
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severe diseases, although it sometimes is found in those otherwise in
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blood in the brain and how far to simple exhaustion remains unsettled.
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or retarding intermittent comes to the night it is very prone at one leap
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ofbenest of the right lung, and in one-half of the cases it is the only
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shell, whose damages Dr. Gurdon Buck, of our city, had repaired in
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presents a normal color and specific gravity, and has an acid reaction.
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wine or of malt liquors at meals may be distinctly beneficial. If, how-
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the severity of the process. The first symptom is usually impaired mo-
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four times a week, afterwards once a week, or at irregular intervals,
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and, when possible, the winters should be passed in a warm, dry climate.
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disturbance, shortness of breath, great restlessness, delirium, rapid
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milk is a full dose, one ounce to two ounces of whiskey being given in
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and which when the cause of the dilatation is irremediable do good by
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of Newman and Legue. In one hundred and twenty-eight cases, in-
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Secretion is often affected ; profuse sweating, general or local, may
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continues to enlarge, and may exist above the surface of the intestine
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sleep and causing a rapidly progressive exhaustion, no time should be
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ounces to two pounds. It is usually increased when the food contains
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be insisted upon, with most careful nursing to prevent exertion or ex-
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apd in every case of diseased action, if we cannot map out accurately
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In membranous bronchitis, however, inflammation of the bronchial mucous
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degree. In congenital or sporadic cretinism these alterations are still
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of its volume of liquor potassse. A precipitate of earthy phosphates
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At alternate half-hours the patient may take an ounce to an ounce
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that the disease was produced by local cause (see Etiology) must, in the
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there may be no means, other than bacteriological, by which a simple
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creased until thirty to forty grains a day are taken. Opium is better than
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f^oper nianner of administration, is held in verv low estimation,
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SYMPTOMS. In the consideration of the symptoms of pulmonary
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and the Hirudo vorax, which are important as human parasites. The
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tigations favor the view that this bacillus is an enfeebled, non-virulent
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if the peritonitis is spreading or likely to become general. It is, there-
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misery, poverty, and religious excitement the ground had been especially
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chronic from the outset, in which case inspissated faeces, ulcers, and tumors
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