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the tension of the ilio-femoral, or Y-ligament. The fluid effusion in
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form pus. The new tissue corresponds in kind to the original stroma of
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brid disease. Some maintain that it is not an independent and specific dis-
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scarlatina the exudation is mucus, and on the surface of the tonsils soft
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a patient j)asses from acute into chronic i)urenchymatous nepliritis. Digi-
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infection. Fever, under such circumstances, is more or less continuous,
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ate. Whatever is the cause of the disease, it seems to come in almost
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late symptom of mitral regurgitation is dropsy ; it first appears in the lower
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found in it. It is always important to ascertain whether pallor, fever, and
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by the other symptoms and changes observed in inflammation.
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Symptoms. — These are vague ; often there is nothing except the local
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fusion, it is not the loudest murmur ; it is soft, blowing, sometimes rough,
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of attack with distinct intervals between them. Following the chill there
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included in the treatment of the predisposing diathesis. In treating scrofu-
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of attaining favorable results are in the way of prophylaxis, and are largely
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are in no wise as serious a menace as will be the septic materials
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cases. Sometimes this variety begins with more acute symptoms, and the
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that opium, more than any other drug, arrests the peristaltic action of the
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ditis. It most frequently occurs in males before the twenty-fifth year.
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it may happen in children from nine to twelve. This is said to be a
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a murmur as an " exnggeration of the normal bruit caused by blood friction airainst the segments of the
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Chronic gastritis is known under the names of simple gastritis, chro?iic
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an abdominal tumor. A peculiar cachexia is usually present.
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and intense pain in the region of the affected kidney. This pain radiates
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municate with a l)ronchus which allows a free discharge of their contents ;
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nephritis occurs, and must be included in the list of complications. Its
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or from tumors of the neck of the bladder, or abscess of the urethra, or
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The ruptured ends of the muscle form hard knots on either side of the
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effort to close the mouth, find motions of the jaw suddenly arrested.
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' Rindfleisch states that " new flbrilloe can be formed from cell-elements remaining within the sarco»
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Prognosis. — The prognosis will entirely depend upon the nature of
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sents very much such an appearance as is seen in many nervous affections.