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is often the only means by which a diagnosis can be reached.
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lar, therefore the same treatment should be applied in all cases, viz., to
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vulsions. Along the edge of the gums is a deep blue dotted line composed
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vety edge or surface and bleeds easily. Hunter described the ulcerated
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muscles into the forearm. Sepsis may result. Necrosis of
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perhaps two or three degrees. But the pulse now grows remarkably slow : —
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may be required until the habit of daily evacuation is established. Rhu-
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contains an abnormal amount of urates, often causing a considerable pink-
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l^eders andExhlbitors. Bevised by the Editor of ** Babbits for Prizes and
phenytoin 125 mg/5ml
be attended to at once, Scarring and deformity will result unless the
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'I lie alTected organ is enlarged, and heavier (denser) than iiorinal, its cap-
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be kept on a nutritious liquid diet. The urinary secretions should be
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by the destruction of the cilia of the epithelium. The prolonged contract-
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While we recognize, the fact that it is possible for kidney lesions to be de-
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ders infection more liable. In any case, it should be removed early.
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has been claimed that there is at work a peculiar epidemic or endemic in-
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per cent, of cases. This, however, is an exceptionally high percentage.
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dioxide ; it may also contain sulphuretted hydrogen.
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etc., may prevent the surgeon from securing apposition of the frag-
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Etiology of Laryngeal Growths. — The most frequent cause of laryngeal
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lar tension and are highly recommended. Aconite is highly recommended
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fuse cellulitis, the disease spreads through the planes of connectiv e tis-
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The first effect of mitral regurgitation is dilata-
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immediately after membranous expectoration, while the respiratory mur-
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as the operator grasps the head of the humerus. The arm may be rotated
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hydrochloric acid. Where the stenosis is produced by a malignant
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site of tlie canc(>r. Stricturt", hemorrhage, perforation, listuhv, and matting
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same manner as a simple fracture, with the exception that the wound
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with septicaemia and pyemia the accumulation will exceed in quantity that
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ing it. The patient has a sense of Aveight, fulness, and constriction in the
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insufficiency, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, fibrous phthisis, and cer-
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treatment should be kept up until the sloughs are separated. The
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Those remedial agents which have a direct effect upon the heart itself
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which has been pushed down into the pelvis, as the result either of the
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gangrene, stronger antiseptics may be necessary over the sloughing
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injury. The symptoms are pyuria, enlarged kidney, fluctuation, pus,
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and tlu'ir edges to have become serrated and irregular. In some instances
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goitre, are not warranted. The disease yields to appropriate osteo-
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included in the treatment of the predisposing diathesis. In treating scrofu-
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and pain in the side ; in -pwlmowoxx congestion and oedema, there is no chill
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24. Morbid anatomy of third stage of acute lobar pneumonia 99
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Several years ago I became convinced that this depurative i)laii of treat-
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and a slowing of the general circulation. The result of such retarding or