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when the material equipment, the hospitals, washing houses,
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ache. The head was shaved and an ice-cap applied con-
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well-trained assistants he had many times done dilation,
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By this method the difficult dissection for the extir-
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With the exception of Southampton, none of the other com-
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Per speculativani scimus nt sciamus ; t>er practicam scimus ut
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Hotel Dieu. This hospital is situated in the centre of the
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yet been made, and for the study of which the United States
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one developed. On the other hand, the sub-cultures which were set aside at
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A. Castex {Revue Internationale de Rhinologie^ 1897).
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glasses, which are excellent, were all ground and set by himself.
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are to form a dose are to be given in a teaspoonful of water.
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mite then migrates over the surface of the body, and the itching is
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native good sense and memory of the patient, induces her to submit most
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This, I apprehend, proceeds from its acting both upon the
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bleed, for small ecchymoses embedded in the substance of the nail
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obstruct its valves. When blood has been at rest for a considerable
department of medicine, but also in the other departments
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above. The manner in which this is to be done, and the iron tubes instead
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Tannigen, a New Intestinal Astringent. — Tannigen,
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the capillaries themselves. It is, probably, by the partial obstruction to
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Simple gunshot wounds which j)ass entirely through any part
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of the Glasgow of the old days. And coming up through these
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the limb will be jerked with force ; although it is certain that
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two sides, and finally absent ; in some few it may remain present for years ;
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of pure or medicated waters, and lastly, in the severer eases (with 1 on-
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ellect in reducing its dimensions. During the last two days
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Centralbl. f. iunere Med., Leipz., 1897, xviii, 1057-1061.
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by the application of atropine or belladonna to the eye
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there will be seen a line more or less broad, varying with the concen-
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under simple mechanical treatment, in the most severe and fatal form;
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croup was the cause of deatii has been found which did not
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belonging to the colon and closely related groups of bacteria, are
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support, or nourish them diseases that are chiefly manifested by the
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ehpsed since the alleged attempt, A medical practitioner was called to the
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clear and homogeneous, while the surface is thrown into many
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the tubercle or bacillus can be found. This subject is well worthy
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Microscopic Examination of Two Gasserlan Ganglia. Sid-
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tube as regards its bacterial flora affects greatly the type of peritonitis
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supposition that they may have more or less to do with the existence of
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front the French and Serbian troops attacked and broke the
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Index- Catalogue contaxxi^ &h\h\ogv&\)\j of authors and sub-
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draining his life away. Air entered the cavity, hastening decomposition ;