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and morphology. A slide spread, stained by the Giemsa
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northern U.S.S.R., particularly in Siberia. It is relatively rare in
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effect. A few beats are probably of ectopic origin.
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signs and even the x-ray signs may point to considerable effu-
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specific toxins, most of which are neutralized only by their specific
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Adults suffer severely in many cases, the symptoms being chills, head-
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glucose (0.02 gm to 100 ml of broth) and defibrinated
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uates. The case of "epidural intraspinal tumor of two years' duration;
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for the latter must never be made without having a clear understanding as to
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rarely communicated to others. Their occurrence in the course of the
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of the master's authority, will cure "unfailingly."
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and fasten its ends to the outside of the tube with a rubber band,
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in infectious disease, and the predilection of this form of en-
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Note. For ripening, add 10 ml of 0.25-percent aqueous potassium
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exact day of the commencement of the disease, even when the case is
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As regards dosage, no hard-and-fast rules can be laid down. Each case
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in 50 or 25 ml portions, the flask and burette are of 50
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and the adoption of measures for disinfection where one or more cases have
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would seem that the diuresis was produced by the regulated
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On visiting the hospital in a week, he was reported to have had
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retraction of the head, very like that met with in tuberculous meningitis.
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trate, using, instead of 5 ml of filtrate, 3, 2, or 1 ml. The
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Signa. — The draught, one-fourth part for a dose every second or third
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hemorrhage came on early in the forenoon, preceded, as the pre-
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good preparation. The patient should be sponged with a dilute antiseptic
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ourselves to be unduly affected by rumors of its wonderful powers.
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together. Again, epithelial proliferation is frequently present in atrophic
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Hydrotherapeutic means have been used with much more success.
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The disabihty has slowly increased so that she is unable to do
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the organisms still remain capable of growing at the seat of inoculation,
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plants indigenous in the territory where his patients live — what
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react to the whole pollen, but not to a 1 : 500 dilution, 10 per
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C. M. Bennett, M. D., is associated with Dr. G. L. Miller, at Putnam, Conn.
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must establish itself through the profunda and its anasto-
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no harm is done. If the supernatant solution is not
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six cases of puerperal septicaemia, unfortunately not bacteriologically
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tivelv on these speciaUzed tissues. A case of heart-block was
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determination of the vital capacity of the lungs may give us
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If only enough stock solution is required for a field set of standard solutions, 42.5 gm of
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depths of despair. Then there is softening of the brain, that
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