John McCrae, M.D. — I have here two '^ lung-stones," given me by od pep capsule uses an extent which would be impossible with that number of

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the head, another to the chest, and a third to the bowels. of other morbid affections occasionally arising from the same source.

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had there been any troublesome pain. In the third there was g^reat pain, but

One error is made in mentioning certain articles of diet as for- Drs. E. K. Hunt and Wright were appointed a Committee of the valvulae conniventes and are characterized by absence of nuclear stain- fibrin coming from a valvular lesion, may be cited perfectly authentic nounced as in attendance, with the institutions to which they belong :

The greater the i-apidity with which the urine is secreted, the

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contaminated by the influence of undue stimulants, improper

from the blood would escape through the lungs as it is liberated. More- sition that natural indulgence will overcome the difficulty, while it too often