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aggregate more favorably than the real facts would warrant. The
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reached the normal. During the apyrexial period it is absent, but returns
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sleeping, and always enough to excite the attention of those
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difficult to assign any etiologic significance to the isolation of
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whole work this key-note is sounded and responds with its music.
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bically 24 to 48 hours. Great care must be taken to spread
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79. Anhjlostomum duodenale, male and female (after Blanchard)
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Boston University School of Medicine, reported by I. T.
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undoubtedly in large part a malingerer who exaggerated all his
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As regards dosage, no hard-and-fast rules can be laid down. Each case
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thirty pages a repertory. The general plan pursued under
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poultice applied to the testicle, which on the 12th inst. was
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municated to them. Fomites also play an important part in the diffusion
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wrong place. While we are proud of our own institutions, and
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immediately placed upon a liberal, general diet; care being
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Casts are cylindrically shaped bodies, and are of two kinds. One
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and syphilis (especially in the tertiary or congenital form) without con-
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tively tasteless, and harmless to the mucous membrane of the
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thus balked in its effort at repair, and this effort gradually dimin-
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vibrio or spirillum, from the pathogenetic point of view, is that of Asiatic
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ject not to the law of cure but to hygiene. As he understands the
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The thick film has its advantages. It has been proved by
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The prognosis in cases of widespread paralysis is always serious and
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passed unanimously in both branches of the Legislature and
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calling in the street aroused her at once. The eyes stared again ;
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37° C. to test sterility, and then store in refrigerator.
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that 489 ml are required to contain the 159.5 gm of