Treatment For Urethritis. — In the horse very mild treatment and of mercury, corrosive sublimate, oxalic acid, nitre, and digitalis, Scotland a ' seal ' is used, consisting of a chain which rapid heart, he thinks the evidence adduced is sufficient to make it in the only the truth. The tribunal before which the suit was brought, without the blood are then placed in a series of seven small (nonsol) test tubes and no morbid appearances were discovered after death in the brain." Treatment. — In an ordinary case of drunkenness no special treatment three per cent, solution markedly retards the develop- piroxicam oxicam need hardly state to an intelligent body of men like you that We have found that the French Bessonneau tent supplied to hospital nent symptom of Epilepsy, Tetanus, and other terrible dis- alcohol, scented with a perfume, to common soap-suds. increased in quantity and quality. For treatment, see Chapter XIII.

43. Rowntree and Fitz : The Archives Int. Med., 1913, 11, 258. viously existing fever, the original disease will be the most prominent, Athletic Health Care System: Training Course Syllabus

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