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*' Dr. McFarland has treated the subject in a systematic manner, and has succeeded in

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among the lesser operations. Thyroidectomy, or a partial extirpation

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tics indicate that diabetes is becoming more prevalent. In certain other

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symptomatic anemia. The face may be exceedingly pale and anxious.

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year later. In 1879, Ponfick showed clearly that actinomycosis in man

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by falling out of the window. Auditory hallucinations may take the

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clinical condition of each patient. Microscopic examination of the sputum

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of value, except when the tumors are the result of syphilis, as occasion-

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Differential Diagnosis. — In uremia the state of the urine (catheterize

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direct influence upon that found in the feces. This amount

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tion of the condition known as spiwious Jti/drdphobia. Eclampsia nutans,

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accompanied by the formation of a variable (usually increased) amount

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A fine reticulum may be seen between the cells, especially in the

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ascribed to the latter, when detected in the urine of diabetics, has given

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arises as a complicating condition in the course of various acute and

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than of the external, and, indeed, the presence of the latter is a favor-

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not of any value as a localizing symptom, nor is tenderness on pressure.

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periosteal covering. The fluid may not be obtained at the first opera-

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Internal strangulation (hernia) may be the result of forcing a portion

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ing into it, and the mouth. Lesions of the former structures com-

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acute pain and excessive tenderness. Gangrenous appendicitis is most

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greatest degree of shrinking and crumpling occurs. The most character-

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with diarrhea, sometimes vomiting, which may be feculent, and not rarely

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Elementary Bandaging and Surgical Dressing. With Direc-

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On July 15, Csesarean section was performed, and at 8.30

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affections often manifest atony of the intestine as a symptom ; hence