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regulate the rest and exercise according to the condition of the heart.
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lated plasma in two minutes likewise clotted solidly in two minutes
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8. Subnormal diastolic pressures suggest the presence of aortic
In some instances a considerable amount of canned meats and vege-
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comatose condition. In all fourteen there was marked dyspnea, and
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the refractory period of the ventricle, but not late enough to allow the
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Through the Capillary Under Constant Pressure of 70 mm. Hg,
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duce sensory disturbances. It is also significant that in spite of the marked
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recent writers on medicine is not surprising. Medical practice has
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ditions for the study of race influences upon disease and mortality, because
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contractions were made for ten minutes after the end of the tracing, when
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obstructive lesions. The feeling as described is exactly like that of
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he holds that in every case there must be active proliferation. This
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49. Hagiwara: Centralbl. f. allg. Path. u. path. Anat., 1915, xxvi, 481.
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may be carried in the venous circulation to the right ventricle,
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woman of intelligence and refinement and in good financial circumstances.
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bacon or small fish may substitute the egg. The breakfast may
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and stay indoors as much as possible. In winter the cold is felt more
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is very rare. It may be heard over the second left intercostal space
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outermost coat of the aneurysmal sac may press upon the artery,
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tory by McCulloch. 5 One other change in the form of the electrocar-
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other experiments bearing on this problem will be reported in a subse-
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reared under different conditions. The so-called protective inoculations
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infusion were negative. With the fluidextract the results were some-
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Hypertrophied and bradycardia... 1 Arch dilated, h<?art hypertrophied 4
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inclined to atrophy. Slowly signs of dementia followed, and death