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increase the blood-pressure, and hence are valuable in overcoming cir-
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vehicle (oleum petrolatum album, etc.) is advantageous.
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experience that it is of great use in differentiating sounds,
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date some practitioners in whose breasts " the milk of human kindness"'
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pendicitis — Radical Cure of Hernia — Intubation and Trache-
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of reaction occurring in cases of syphilis or leprosy will not lead to
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bacillus. Sino;er has examined 92 cases bacteriolocficallv and discovered
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These applications are the chief resource for arousing the lethargic
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There is usually neither coryza, vomiting, cough, nor diarrhea, and in
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help it. The consensus of opinion among surgeons now is to
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aside from cleansing, the treatment of inflammatory conditions in the
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increased renal elimination is not due to " driving the blood from the
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the first attacks were very severe. In one there was a compli-
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white wines, and physicians can profit greatly by heeding
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monary tuberculosis. In all cases of the latter disease in which the per-
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a very considerable influence upon the muscular system by reason of
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diphtheria. On a visit to Mount Vernon, when I was ac-
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houses, there were 541 cases of tuberculosis in three years.
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class passengers and none others. The ocean during the
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from the civilization of the towns, taken up ranch life of some
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festations, and the same observation has been made by others Avith
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with or without marked irregularity. '^\^i irregularity is sometimes
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tensive use in surgery, and bids fair to afford relief in selected
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Serum-diagnosis. — Investigations by Pfeiffer upon the specific bac-
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than the foreign wines, for they are so cheap that it does not
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recur for three months, the length of time the patient remained under
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arthritic symptoms in children are in abeyance while endocarditis and
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and of the remainder one each of gangrenous phlegmon, gangrene of
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envelop the latter snugly. The flannel cover, which has been allowed
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typhoid fever was altogether the best which we now had. In employ-
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In the functional neuroses the wet pack offers a means of allaying irrita-
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cipital and frontal — rachialgia, fever, prostration, delirium, and stiifness
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with the maximum contraction of the cutaneous blood-vessels. Addi-
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ings by a demonstration of the effect of simple heat retention in a
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Ajitistrejjtococcie Serum. — Andre, Robinson, Cox, and others have
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limbs observed immediately after the immersion of the body. This
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requiring a heightening of muscular energy ; in all those conditions
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complex organic products upon which the plant depends for
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Sedan. The surface soil is shallow, the subsoil calcareous and
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sequelae were very rare. Only furuncles and subcutaneous abscesses
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spleen. Hemorrhagic infarcts are occasionally presented by this organ.
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do it with certain restrictions as to intercourse with the
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tilated, and at a temperature ranging from 60° to 65° F. (15.5° to
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circulation was here also chargeable to jiaralysis of the vasomotors and
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health of a people and be of assistance to physicians in treat-