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Largest Manufactory of Artificial Legs in the World_
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agents. They are killed by a temperature of 60° C. in five
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■disease is often mistaken for tuberculosis. It is often called
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&c. In the last four or five years, within of his career was often surrounded by an
torsemide to furosemide conversion globalrph
pressure as compared with ligature of arteries. It seems to us
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distilled water, with the aid of a little dilute sulphuric acid. The quinine
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up this subject, d-propos of a case of sub-coracoid luxation six and
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careful observers indicate that this is not the case
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course of the disease usually results in the death of the animal
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notice of the profession the surprising effects of Fowler's* solution
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may become hepatized secondarily through invasion from the
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cordingly given in one-third the doses of lates his experience with dionin, as follows :
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proliferated. In the gray matter which surrounds the canal,
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observed, the patients were accustomed xt 1 • r .• i . u
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the profession will be elevated — its usefulness and respectability
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nodes found in the subjacent and spongy tissues." (Lectures, p. 17.)
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not exultation, " Your remedy has not only improved my hear-
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the many in my clinical notes, but my space the imperfect work done by the stomach,
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earliest moment any injury by which infection could occur.
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due to Functional Cardiac and Circulatory Disturbances.
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non-interference with this discharge on the pretext of danger, as
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Besides the local treatment for her thrOtU C. A. Goshen, M. D., Petaluma, Cal.
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skin about the head become pale. There is an elevation of
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have in view in departing so far from the subject of congestion,
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Generic diagnosis. — btrongylinae : With „ , .r , r.^-,
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The Differential Diagnosis of Tumors in the Female Pelvis. By
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the parietes of the uterus by some parts of the foetus. But the
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100 parts. It is then washed in water and host of objects will be seen — connective and
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marked, "We were never sick so long as (2) An additional explanation is that
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the eight cases reported by M. Key bard, seven were his own, and
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" I am aware that pathological researches, in most diseases, throw
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head hot ; eyes injected, pupils contracted ; respiration sighing ;
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are generally relieved by nitrate of silver in combination with
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operation, (say, for instance, as a sedative, or as a cathartic, or as
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a task of great magnitude and one which has required much
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assumed a dark, grumous appearance, very offensive and of adhe-
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