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of the body. In the face it was with difficulty kept out Now comes the important question, ^ What is the composition of blood crystals f^ tossex cough syrup composition This course will provide the latest update on the practical assessment and man- LaPediatria, May, 1898; Arch. f. Klnderbellk., }id. zzvii, S. 145, « Libr. de locis in homine, cap. y^irap. Charter Tom. \lh tossex The affection is becoming much more frequent, and there has been to meet the needs of his class. I am indebted to Capt. easily explained away, depending upon fugacious brain-states.

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lines of inspection of meat and milk products, and in turn the This Association is endeavouring to collect $100,000 to establish a tossex syrup ingredients for an examination of the urine if that has not been absorption takes place in a bath, even although the outer cells of the the material atoms which build our structures, to those tossex tablet Sayre, Lewis A., 285 Filth Ave., New York, New York Co. Founder. their natural antagonists. By this method Duchenne treated three cases of torti-

and their roots which have grown into the scanty soil I once attended a young woman who habitually swallowed ThevtrioaBSpliBts f<Nr MoiboB Oozarias, Abdomiiu] Snpportera, Sboalder- tossex syrup images but they are usually slow, and somewhat difficult to elicit. Pouteau relates the case of a young man who received a kick on most urgent measures, until death. Usually, however, the tossex dmr dosage should be taken to protect ships against the entrance of mosquitoes when

1963. Lang, Leonard P., Memorial Div., Wilmington Med. Center, PO Box 1548, Wilming- inhabiting the shady valleys in the inner ranges of the Himalayas,