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more rational then he had been since his admission into hospital.

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Durban, the Lismore Castle and the Simla, and I am sure nothing

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fusion. Some writers, as Ireland, classify them from a

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])re])ared in certain special ways. A point of particu-

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afterward. The facts known concerning the relation of the nasal

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vi, 400-405.— Jackson (E.) Bruise of the eye-liall ; local-

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applicable in such a disease as syphilis or such a condition as insan-

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Jaundice— in biliary diseases, 3^; postoperative,

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die of distinct natural small-pox ; and one to three per cent, onlj

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there was pain in the ovarian region and at the menstrual

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the trouble, and recently decided to have a second operation. A

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contains chloretine, successfully proved to be a local anaesthetic. It is

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evaporation. The composition of the bath salt has not hitherto,

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more fully to Dr. Kllis, but my health that spring made it difficult for me

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He desired to call earnest attention to a very practical

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The patient continued the treatment for seven weeks, then he

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margin of the al omposed of a dense aggregation of minute molecules of a

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this way by causing hsemolysis of the red corpuscles. Stephens and

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entire plane is illuminated, anterior chamber depth is

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stinct" of " infectants" shows choice and interrup-

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in the colon, or rectunv, or perhaps in both. Calomel

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laus Szymonowicz, translated and edited by John Bruce MacCal-

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Paralysis of the sixth cranial nerve is the most com-

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