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trouble abortion again lighted up the mischief. It being pain

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his appetite has been fairly good. Within the past few

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atrophy of left lateral columns of the medulla partial

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ity for struggling students in his own profession kept pace

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Trichinosis. This disease is mainly found in American

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apathy and progressive dementia. Speech is slow hesitating and indis

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of its pages to that important subject More so on account

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these cases the estimation has been made by me from the uterine

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occurs in about. per cent of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis.

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surface of its leaves and inflorescence. The leaves in the present species are

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oil immersion lens should be used though when merely looking

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being set aside on the ground of eccentricity or insanity. Ye believe

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isfactory results as yet in conditions dependent upon

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Bernard noticed that under these circumstances the secretion was still


deprivation of floor space should be regarded as a penal

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topical affection we may often consider the disease as curable

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derson of London j passes two stout pins transversely through

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twenty live patients single vol. for fifty patient s single or

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of the use of instruments of precision and of exact procedures which

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effects on the human body of modern small caliber projectiles.

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have already mentioned and the authorities of the Health

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Stricture Kinds position causes and all the methods

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gall bladder by the use of chloroform. About three months afterwards

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removed and the flow will cease. During the operation

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transplanted flaps are almost certain to adhere. If any

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struma or cancer or of other inherited neuroses with the arthritic

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their pi esence contamination from excreta or other organic matter of

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resemblance to those of the disease but which possess a still greater degree

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organs and will materially alleviate the headache of the second stage especiallv.

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the simplest question without consideration and great hesitation. It is needless

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occurred in tlie first week of April the snow which fell to the

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was then dipped into the liniment and applied as warm as the patient

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complication which in no wise altered or impaired the value

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From this brief review it will be seen that the investigations herein

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rings were simply sutured. Hematoma followed operation in